All apologies

I owe my readers an apology.

Based on polls and exit polls, I predicted a near-inevitable Hillary Clinton victory in the US general election despite her many flaws.

America said otherwise, and now Donald John Trump- a man with some of the most divisive opinions in US electoral history and who has never held political office in his 70 years- is the 45th President of the United States.


Obviously I’m not thrilled. But let us skip past Trump’s racism, xenophobia and sexism as these have already been covered in detail by various outlets.

There is only one to blame and that is the Democratic National Convention. The DNC, as revealed by Wikileaks and several other whistleblowers, knowingly rigged the primary elections in favour of Clinton instead of just letting the people- those who were turning out to rallies in their thousands, packing sports arenas while Hillary struggled to get 200 in village halls- who wanted Bernie Sanders make their choice. Despite being 74 years old, Sanders had a progressive plan that resonated with America’s youth, including universal healthcare and free college. These were ideas that Clinton started out by bashing, calling them unworkable. As a Sanders victory looked less likely thanks to the rigging, she jumped on board with them, eventually embracing modified versions of them as part of her manifesto. Picture a Ferrari engine downtuned for a Lada Riva.

On July 25th, most Sanders delegates walked out at the DNC in Philadelphia to protest Clinton’s nomination. The DNC, which had already lost chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz after a batch of incriminating Wikileaks had surfaced, had a backup plan to make it sound like the people were behind Hillary. They bussed in actors to fill the seats and used white noise generators to filter out any boos. They did not listen to the people. And that was their fatal flaw.

Through election season, doubts rose about Clinton’s fitness to lead the country. Not only were there concerns about her health (including speculation of Parkinsons or another major neurodegenerative disease) there was also the matter of allegations levelled against the Clinton Foundation and of FBI Director James Comey letting her off the hook after admitting that she had used private email to send top secret documents. Comey reopened the investigation in late October while Clinton was jetting around in Air Force One with Obama himself making a case for her at campaign stops. This was like putting a plaster on a sawn-off leg. It was becoming evidently clear that she was unelectable, even when the alternative was just as bad.
And so we are here. If the DNC had let the people vote, we would be talking about President Sanders and his new progressive agenda to send America screaming into the 21st century. And what’s worst is that they genuinely thought they had the general election in the bag!


No apologies to the DNC.

You reap just what you sow.


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