Left= always good?

In this entry I seek to critique the “left= good, right= bad” (LGRB) argument in light of the US presidential election.

To start with, the LGRB argument does have some basis in reality. The left is generally seen as more tolerant of women, racial minorities, LGBT people and other historically marginalised groups. This is true especially in the US, where the right-wing Republican Party openly targets LGBT people in particular under the guise of Christianity. Didn’t Jesus say “love thy neighbour”? The Democrats, on the other hand, tend to favour LGBT rights with Barack Obama signing the Equal Marriage Act into law in 2015.

But let us look at Hillary Clinton. Clinton is a Christian and someone who was registered as Republican until well into the 1990s. While serving as a Democrat senator in New York, she expressed anti-LGBT opinions informed by her faith, such as “I believe that marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond, between a man and a woman”. Only when beginning her most recent presidential campaign did she go along with the party line. In a recent email leaked by Wikileaks, staffer Dan Schwerin admits that the Clintons still hold the same beliefs:

I’m just saying that she’s not going to want to say she was wrong about (gay marriage), given she and her husband believe it and have repeated it many times.

How dishonest! Of course, honesty is unfortunately not expected in the political world, but this is made worse by it being deceit against a minority group.

But it’s far from the worst thing she’s done. What about her using private email to send top secret documents? What about Benghazi and the death of the US Ambassador? Those have been covered in countless sources so I will not elaborate on them here. Just give them a search.

Hillary Clinton is living proof that the LGRB argument is flawed. The left isn’t always good. Now I’m not saying that Trump is a better option because he’s just as bad, and in fact this shows that the duopolistic nature of US politics, the deliberate ignorance of third parties, isn’t working. Liberal Americans shouldn’t be bullied into voting for someone because LGRB when there are other left-wing parties such as the Greens.

Land of the free- really?


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