In which Szin finally makes a decision on who you should go and vote for tomorrow

In tomorrow’s US election I officially endorse Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka of the Green Party. This is full-well knowing that Hillary Clinton is most likely going to win. But as you probably know I cannot stand her as much as I cannot stand Donald Trump.

Stein’s beliefs, while sometimes quite radical for the US left, are the closest to Bernie Sanders of any candidate, with an obvious focus on the environment. A good showing in the general election may show the pro-fracking Clinton administration that there is strong demand for environmental justice in the US. She, like Sanders, is also strongly committed to equal treatment for racial, sexual and gender minority groups, something that the Clinton campaign is trying to do but falling flat on their face in my opinion.

Third parties could prove to be a “spoiler” in this race. Many moderate conservatives have migrated to Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party in the wake of Trump’s nomination and many Sanders supporters have gone on record as endorsing Stein rather than switching to Trump. So if you’re more concerned about Trump than Hillary but don’t want to vote Hillary, give Stein a vote. Sanders is also expected to get a high number of write-in votes. This could lead to pressure within the Clinton administration to give him a big role.

So go out there tomorrow and vote Jill Stein for President of the United States and Ajamu Baraka for Vice President.


One thought on “In which Szin finally makes a decision on who you should go and vote for tomorrow

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