The view from days before what has been hyped as the election of our lifetimes

…but really isn’t.

In the red corner, you have a tax-dodging, racist, sexist billionaire with unbelievable, unimplementable ideas, and;

In the blue corner, you have a racist one-percenter megalomaniac who is obsessed with only two things- herself and making up wars to get away with carpet bombing the shit out of people.

Whoever America chooses, they will be a lot poorer for it. America treats their third parties like crap in order to force this duopoly down the throats of the world. Yeah, that’ll solve the hunger crisis! Pure shit from the arsehole of American politics! Eat up, num num.

I kind of hope Hillary gets the presidency. She won’t last four years, allowing her to be replaced with someone more competent, even if only marginally. Knowing her, she’ll nominate Bernie Sanders as the janitor or something to deny the US a real leader. Can’t have Russians commies coming into power, right? That’s why she rigged the primaries!

Don’t miss Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich, November 9th at 2am, only on Sky Sports.


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