Allegedly Free

Allegedly Free Games are described best on their TV Tropes page:

A game that you can play for free, with a heavy restriction on the “can play” part. Games based around this concept are commonly referred to as “Free to Pay” or “Pay to Win.”

I have never seen the latter term used by the developers to describe such, but they should start using it.

They like to give you the bare bones- one character, one level, hours to load up a certain critical value such as health and game time and a level capped at around 20. At its worst, they might as well go premium only because nobody’s going to get more than half an hour of play out of the free “version”.

And there is often no warning. All iOS does is say “offers in-app purchases” with no elaboration to what those are. Those could be something needed to complete the game! It’s time they started requiring publishers to state what exactly the “in-app purchases” are, but you just know they’d find ways around describing every little nuance.

Modern life really is rubbish.


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