How sad it is

That we live in a world where the biggest superpower is being exposed as corrupt to the core on a daily basis yet its own mainstream media refuses to report on it.

The United States, long considered the “land of the free and home of the brave” is actually the “land of restrictions and home of the cowardly”. There is mounting evidence that the ruling party rigged the primary elections in favour of their preferred candidate and not the one gaining momentum, especially amongst millenials and progressives. We have seen evidence that Hillary’s campaign, in collusion with the Democrats, sought to engage in attacks on Bernie, including those on his Jewish heritage. I should emphatically state that the Democrats are supposed to be the left-wing party and here they are attacking a candidate because he’s Jewish. How 1941 of them. And the mainstream media is quiet as a mouse, instead reporting on things we already knew about Trump- that he’s a racist, sexist bigot. That’s hardly news compared to something that in any other free country would bring down the ruling party.

And you know what? This will lead to a Trump victory. The Democrats should have let the people vote for Bernie instead of rigging it for Hillary as far back as the day Obama was sworn into the White House. Hillary, as we all know, was the second-placed candidate in the 2008 election. Assuming Trump wins, the Democrats probably won’t prop Bernie up in 2020 because 1. he’d be 78, turning 79 during the presidential race proper, and 2. he doesn’t share their vision of centre-with-a-capital-CENTRE liberalism. No matter who wins on the 8th, the entire world will suffer.

Happy Halloween from the United States of America!




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