Rekodenz self Q&A

In the name of fun…

Do Rekodenzians grow facial hair, being unigender and all?

Yes, all Rekodenzians are capable of growing facial hair. In Rema, the place of greatest human influence, it is considered proper to shave although facial hair does have waves of popularity.


Is is acceptable to refer to all Rekodenzians as “Rekodenzians”?

Of course! Every planetary citizen- fullblood, halfblood or human- is a Rekodenzian! Some non-Remans do have a problem with Earthers using the term to refer exclusively to Remans, considering it to be making their status as such invisible.


How long does it take to get from Rekodenz to Earth, and vice versa?

By teleport, the most common mode, it takes no time. The original human voyage to the planet took two hundred and eighteen years, almost constantly travelling at the speed of light. Now travel can take less than a week by ship due to the teleport gates, located behind planetary moons to enable astronomical observation.


How do Rekodenzians go to the toilet?

*sigh* I hate half term…


Do you have any more questions about Rekodenz? Drop me a line.


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