Interactive fiction and the pitfalls therein

Today a thought popped into my head telling me to create my own text RPG. So I took a quick trip to the Googletorium to see what was on offer and downloaded something called ADRIFT. I got it set up and had some teething problems (this is meant to be for BEGINNERS but still decided not to work. I thought I was following the instructions to the letter but either I wasn’t or there’s a bug). The internet threw up no solution, which is unusual due to it being quite popular, so I gave up.

I might give it another try tomorrow. TRPG/interactive fiction is a wonderful genre that has existed for decades and is highly versatile. I’ve also been wanting to make a Rekodenz game for a while and not knowing my BASIC from my COBOL (although I’ve been wanting to learn a programming language), I figured a TRPG would be the best way to go. ADRIFT also supports VA and graphics, so one could make quite an advanced game using the tools on offer.

Does anyone here have any experience of ADRIFT?


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