The Mausoleum Rooms of Xotopane

Here lies Yaxame akaZakwe. Died at 41, a young age to be sure, but not as young as ses sibling Yaamaze. Died at hatching. Got strangled by the membranes of the egg according to the database. Poor mite.

Onto Jakka Radakrishnan, a human by the looks of it. Jumped straight from a 514th floor apartment in the lower levels of Central City. Probably not an open-casket one.

Ses great-grandchild Yakke Rarakarixama, officially a halfblood despite being slightly more than fifty percent human, also committted suicide. Jumped out of ses pod on a space tour. Couldn’t breathe obviously.

Wvoksari Kweffokxwik next. From the land of K!xwon. Settled in the Hills with a halfblood. I know the UP would call sem a species traitor. But that was ses choice, which normal people respect. Unfortunately, the halfblood shot sem to death. That would give them more ammo against interspecies relationships.

I thought that after all these billions of years of existence, we would have evolved beyond death. But no, it exists, much to the disappointment of dreamers.


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