Rekodenz ethnography- the “fullbloods”

The people often referred to as “fullbloods” are the thousands of interrelated species of little to no human descent. These people are the majority on every continent except for the subcontinent of Rema, where “halfbloods”-  a mix of the blood of indigenous Remans and humans- are the majority especially in the capital of Xotopane.

Especially in Rema and other halfblood/human majority areas, the fullbloods often feel they are underrepresentated in politics and the media. The Xotopane-based Rekodenz Diet has tried to address this, most recently by having a quota of people representing “ethnic parties”- mostly fullblood- in both local and general elections unless this number is too small. While largely praised, it has also been criticised for allowing the pan-Rekodenz fullblood supremacists the Unification Party to flourish. Several other regional Diets have also enacted similar species quotas, with similar results. The first fullblood Prime Minister was Tamz Vzizo of Vwmekkng, Krngu in the 204th Diet, but only ten more fullbloods have been elected to the position since.

Species are extremely diverse, but all can interbreed. In fact, several species legally classed as “fullblood” were originally mixtures of two or more species. These include the Narraks of northern Rema (Scrublander and Gerrok) and the Yxes of Smxru (Xroxi and Harrup).

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