Address from Mvoo Tate Boghdassarian (3127-3249), head of the Independent World Society of Time Travellers

This goes out to the modern per, the one lounging around in ses 50/50 fabrics made by underpaid humans in underdeveloped countries.

I am tomorrow’s today and today’s tomorrow. Yesterday is passe and the day before fashionable.

So we enter the ouroboros of trend, one which may never cease eating itself. Culture eats itself. Politics eats itself. The child of these factors, society, does guess what?

Eats itself!

Is there any need to break from the cycle? In my opinion yes! I come from the year 3209. Time travel is a closely guarded art within the WSTT with a myriad of rules and regulations, but I broke out of their cycle to break this news to you!

So stop chewing the tail or you’ll get blood all over your sofa in colours last popular in 2958! What goes around must not come around unless you are involved in time travel!



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