Addendum 2 of the UP’s reign of terror- the Preservation of Tradition Act

After taking over the Scrublands Diet, the Unification Party enacted the “Preservation of Tradition Act”, banning all airgraph and Rekonet access within the Scrublands. This was done under, as the name implied, the pretense of preserving traditional ways, but many commentators both inside and outside of the Scrublands saw it as something different.

Anonymous Scrublands-based blogger Scrublands Wizard thought of it as a way to dissimate only approved opinions. Kaaroze Wvanniky, a Scrublands Diet and UP member, disagreed with it on the grounds that “enemy parties” could cross the border undetected as news was carried by runners and likely could not reach the nearest Peacemakers for days. Se was removed from ses seat and sentenced to death, but escaped and is presently in exile on the Isle of Drikkavon near the North Pole, where se blogs about ses experiences of being ex-UP.

A survey taken by an independent thinktank suggested that 83 percent of urban Scrublanders “strongly disagreed” with the Act, another twelve percent merely “disagreeing” and only two percent “agreeing” or “strongly agreeing”. 96% of these urban Scrublanders also said they used banned technology or knew somebody who did, not surprising given the well-documented prevalence of this technology in the cities.

When the UP fell, several acts were immediately repealed by the reformed Scrublands Diet, including this. And there was much rejoicing.


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