Addendum- Scrublanders claiming to be or of human descent who were not stripped of tribal status by the UP

A small group of people inhabiting several villages of Raxo ethnicity in the Midscrublands are said to be descended from an Irishman called Cormac O’Connor. Ohkommaa is a common surname in the region and the local dialect is heavily influenced by his language, he being one of the last few near-monolingual Irish speakers.

The powerful Pescori family of Xwupet escaped the UP’s decree by openly claiming that one of their ancestors had “humanised” ses name so that people could pronounce it while se was working on Earth. However, all evidence points towards this ancestor being Giovanni Pescori, born of full human blood in Modena, Europe.

The family of Deputy Prime Minister of the Scrublands Diet Maake Romorazoma were descended from a human by the name of Ranjit Thompson from the Independent State of Texas.

The chiefly family of the Xerik people claim to be of pure Xerik lineage, but recently genealogists have uncovered intermarriage not only with the neighbouring Ariks but with humans. The name Xmottrek is believed to be a Xerikisation of the human name Modrich. A Fatimah Modrich from Osaka is recorded as having lived amongst the Xeriks twenty years after human arrival.

And finally, genetic studies have confirmed that there are very few “true” fullbloods, the average indigenous person of the Scrublands having anywhere from 1.3% to 5.1% human blood. Within the cities, this figure rises to an average of over ten percent. While these people would likely have passed the seven-eighths test, this study shows that genetic preservation efforts were already futile at the time of the UP.


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