The human-descended families stripped of tribal membership by the UP

When the Unification Party took over the Scrublands, they imposed strict blood quantums on the locals to ensure “purity”. All people of fewer than seven-eighths “fullblood” ancestry were to be stripped of any tribal membership and banned from mixing with “true fullbloods”. Those in relationships with “true fullbloods” were asked to break up. In addition, some notable families with a tradition of human descent, even if officially “true fullbloods” had their memberships revoked. These are:

The Smith family, notable for producing many chiefs of the Haktae tribe

The Xmuni family, including then-Rekodenz Finance Minister Harrett

The Flood family, descendents of Lord Melvin Flood-Anderson, the Duke of Berwick and ninety-fifth in line to the British throne

The Kamars, including popular singer Vell Kamar (who had a halfblood parent so was stripped of ses tribal membership anyway)

The Xabwaris, the chiefly family of the Xeraka, who presented as and were genetically halfbloods but were legally fullbloods under several Acts

The Taylors, including then-Member of the Diet for Xwukkebaame West Kwekke

Members of all these families mounted a legal challenge against the UP, but lost due to the pro-UP government of the time. They regained their tribal status almost as soon as the UP were defeated and ownership of the Scrublands was transferred back to the tribal councils.


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