Tomorrow’s consumer

Tomorrow’s consumer won’t have to lift a finger. Se will be able to order a new airgraph on ses brainchip and have it teleported to ses side in seconds.

Tomorrow’s consumer will embrace a capitalism dressed in concern. They will only buy products labelled as “organic”, for example “organic polyoxinate”. They will also buy charity items in which only 0.00000001 of a credit is donated (a credit would be roughly equivalent to 0.000000075 of today’s penny sterling).

Tomorrow’s consumer will be king, queen or otherwise royalty. Se will get what se wants however se wants it. Se orders a generic giant burger, se is given ses choice of sauce, salad and other fixings ready to be delivered hot to sem.

Tomorrow’s consumer will spend entire weeks inside ses house, able to pick up everything from a new puppy to a grocery shop in there. Daylight will become a foreign matter to sem. So will basic human interaction.


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