Rekodenz broadcasting part 1: Xotopane and surrounding areas

Xotopane is the home of the lion’s share of channels on Rekodenz, the majority controlled by the “Big Three” of Xotopane Broadcasting Corporation, Rekodenz Broadcasting Corporation and the Xotopane Broadcasting Service.

The XBC family has the highest combined viewing figures in the city. Its flagship, XBC 1, broadcasts general entertainment, and XBC2 shows special interest programmes such as documentaries. XBC3 is more youth-oriented and XBC4 specialising in programming for Xotopane’s ever-growing linguistic and ethnic minorities. XBC News is the most widely-watched news network on the entire planet and XBC Sports does exactly what it says on the tin, showing sports news when there is not a hoverball game or a racing tournament to be broadcast.

RBC is the state broadcaster, funded by a viewing licence, whose ratings in Xotopane suffer due to a reputation of being a bit “stuffy”. The local affiliates were Xotopane North and Xotopane South, recently merged as part of the Corporation’s remit to cut back on local broadcasting within the area. This remit wasn’t recieved too well by many viewers, which did nothing to improve their viewership. In addition to RBC 1 and 2, they also have a news channel and “RBClassic”, showing vintage progamming all day.

XBS shows “niche” programming that wouldn’t get a place on RBC or XBC, as well as multilingual programming and Earth imports. They are one of the few major broadcasters to operate a pornography channel, XBSex broadcasting 24/7 with a subscription needed.

To be edited in further detail as time goes on.


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