I’ve recently been pondering the merits of self-publishing, something I’m considering doing.

Let’s weigh the advantages first:

  • Self-publishing is cheaper than finding an agent and shilling one’s works to a myriad of publishers who will probably reject you countless times. It’s an exercise in improving writing for sure, but it can leave one feeling dejected.
  • With self-publishing, the author gets 100 percent of the royalties. This is ideal for those authors who need money without being screwed over by greedy executives. And;
  • It also enables the writer to get material out there that would be considered “too niche” by most major publishers- and even some minor ones. For the wildest experimental writers, this is a godsend.

And then the disadvantages:

  • The works will not reach as wide an audience as they would if they were published by a company.
  • There would still be costs involved even if one decides to print their works exclusively digitally. One would still have to hire a proofreader and pay sem, and;
  • Relatedly, there is a lot of crap out there which sullies the growing industry. People see one horrible self-published book and pooh-pooh the rest as a result, even though there are some absolute gems.

So which side shall I take? I need the money quite badly (hint, I have a Patreon ;)) but I fear that I’ll struggle to be seen in an industry dominated by dreck.

Szin’s mind works overtime trying to find the equilibrium as se blinks at the computer screen and sips ses Dr. Pepper.


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