I love worldbuilding!

Recently I have been looking at the Gaeltacht. Partially this is for research and partially because my grandmother attended an Irish-medium school on the fringes of what was a Gaeltacht area in her childhood. There is evidence, unfortunately, that the current Gaeltacht is shrinking and that Irish could cease to be used as a daily language within ten years.

So how do you fix that? I am creating one of the more radical solutions via the magic of worldbuilding/alternate history. A group of people who I have provisionally (no pun intended) named the Hydeians (after Sir Douglas Hyde, one of the biggest promoters of the Irish language and Celtic culture) unofficially declare the entirety of six of the seven counties currently housing a Gaeltacht as “Irish medium regions” and push the Government into declaring them such. They also seek to establish smaller Gaeltachtaí in areas where there are a plurality of Irish speakers, to preserve and revive local dialects, and to convert all schools in Gaeltachtaí into partial or total Irish-medium depending on the locality. Monolingual English literature will not be provided by local authorities and monolingual English signage is prohibited except for on shops.

I’ll work more on the Hydeian manifesto tomorrow.


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