Football Manager 2017’s hyperealism in action

First Nigel Pearson was suspended from Derby County with the sack imminent. Somebody I know says some Derby friends have been saying that he planned to completely revamp tonight’s team with some kids from the academy in order to mitigate poor form, but the chairman had some VERY strong objections. It seems a bit harsh though. Gone are the days when managers had near total control of everything that went on in the team- Crystal Palace would still be playing in claret and blue and known as the Glaziers if Malcolm Allinson hadn’t insisted on a Barcelona-style kit and the more modern Eagles nickname back in 1973.

Secondly, Sam Allardyce quit the England job after just 67 days and one game in charge due to a damning report from the Daily Telegraph. Speculation is rife to who will replace him, with Gareth Southgate said to be in talks and Steve Bruce also strongly rumoured. Many fans also believe that Harry Redknapp is in with a chance.

Whoever it is, I just hope they last a LOT longer than Big Sam.


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