Milkshakes in Maui

Ey up love, this is ‘News at Ten.

Are top story- two cheeky little buggers were spotted geein’ each other an ‘andy ahtside ‘Co-op up Intek.

Milkshakes in Maui are gainin’ in popularity after some sod on ‘telly sed they were bleedin’ scrumptious. Ah’d rather ‘ave a can a’ Magnet mesen but each to their own ah suppose.

‘Tories are still complete knobheads, and

Summat about Jose Mourinho.

Then we ‘ave ‘weather, presented by ‘lovely Weathertron Mark 69. Ey up, Weathertron.

Good evening, Stanley.

Weathertron, we taak Yaakshire round ‘ere. Taak Yaakshire!

I am simulating the Yorkshire accent.

I sed taak Yaakshire! That in’t taakin’ Yaakshire, that sounds like a southern ponce trahn’ ter mak fun o’ us!

Hello up, I am Weathertron. I am attempting to simulate t’Yorkshire way of speaking by processing dialectal inflections.

Bleddy ‘ell, these robots! Aren’t ‘alf useless are they!


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