Red Dwarf thoughts

So Red Dwarf XI premiered tonight.

Let’s discuss the biggest gripe first. There were more holes in the plot than in a tramp’s vest. On the subject, Albert Einstein was depicted as a vagrant in an alternative 1952 where science and modern technology were strictly banned. There was a discussion about how nobody knew about the Theory of Relativity when it was published well before the 1920s, the cutoff point for technology in this world.

At the beginning of the episode, Kryten discussed the possibility of the alternate Rimmer being a clone. Two issues with that one:

  1. Would Rimmer’s DNA still exist? I doubt one could get it from a hologram, and
  2. Why would a clone cloned from the human Rimmer’s DNA have the “H” on his head?

The plot line was certainly original- I liked all the references to Prohibition such as the cops smashing up contraband (toasters) and the lab turning into a bar as soon as the rozzers came around. There was no shortage of jokes such when the character of the day referred to the crazed Einstein’s habit of pushing around a pram full of string to advertise one of his theories and Cat (still the show’s best character in my opinion) replied “Pram theory?”

And from here we run into more problems. Said character of the day, while most of her science-related double entendres were funny, had a problem with keeping her American accent. This week’s baddies were neo-Luddite humanphobic simulants who banned all technology because people were supposedly misusing it. This is a fantastic plotline, but it seemed more like hard SF than something from a show that has featured mutant curries as plot devices. Furthermore, I should add that the simulants only reappeared with about two minutes to go, as though this was an afterthought.

Overall, I would say this had the potential to be a great episode, and had a few good laughs, but the issues mentioned above keep me from giving it a complete thumbs up. So it’s a thumbs middle from me, maybe pointing a teensy bit up.


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