Update on university situation

This morning, I recieved a document via post that says I have obtained a postgraduate diploma in Writing and will graduate with it in November. Due to several miscommunications my Masters degree has been terminated for now, and I am looking to reenter the degree programme.

If I do not reenter the degree this year, I intend to either:

  1. Reenter the year after or;
  2. Go for a different MA in another subject I specialise in (eg. linguistics)

If I do reenter this year, I will have to finish my Tutorial Development 1 by January. Fortunately I have the required amount of writing on my USB and plan to submit that with grammar and other edits.

I lost interest in the MA due to several factors including depression and lack of a structured timetable, but I get particularly fired up if I’m given a certain date to submit work by. I’ve written well over 1,000 new words today alone.

In the meantime I am proud to be graduating again in front of my family and friends with good marks. It also means I can get dressed up (yay). It’s quite an achievement for someone with Aspergers and multiple mental health issues.


Finally, and on an unrelated note, I plan to use the name “Szin Fletcher” for my published works. I have always envied those with the letter “Z” in their names as it is fairly uncommon in Britain. It also enables proper pronounciation as the ligature “sz”, while usually transcribed as /ʂ/ in IPA, is very similar to /ʃ/, appearing in several Slavic languages. It also looks cool and appears gender-neutral.

Szin Fletcher.

Just typing it feels good.


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