I am a tornado survivor

Yes, I survived a tornado today.

While taking my daily walk around the neighbourhood I saw the sky blacken. I thought we were due for a rainstorm, but instead of rain came wind. Very strong wind at that. I continued walking around for a period before I headed inside, at which point the thunder began. There were multiple strikes but yet no rain.

I was later to find out that there was rain in other parts of town including Hillsborough. The match between Sheffield Wednesday and Bristol City was almost cancelled but went ahead with water pouring down off the stands (between that and a certain other occurence at the ground- great architecture my tuchus). And that a tornado had occurred.

At this moment I am uncertain about whether or not any major damage occurred near the eye, but I am hopeful as I have heard nothing.

Here‘s a video. I have no idea where exactly it was taken though.


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