Flahahash fiction

A long time ago in a land not too far away from any of us, there existed a per by the name of Vreksa. Vreksa, also known as Shmreksa, had a daughter whose name was unknown and we will not regail you with it here. Vreksa had major frenemies in the Kafferok, a clan of multiple distantly-related families one of whom married his brother.

Vreksa then initiates zero after a warning from the Kafferok, decides to send the daughter to the safest place. As the daughter quickly murdered, his girl Zgeray beat him. With a helpful hint by the Kafferok, Vreksa turns out a huge narcotic smuggling cigarette. As Vreksa comes in, there is gunfire. As a result the gunfire, Vreksa survives, while all the criminals lose their lives.

Fin and paw.


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