15 years on

I’d just come home from school, upset over not being allowed to go on a trip that sounded exciting. I attended two different schools at the time, and it was scheduled on a day that I went to the other school.
Little did I know that I was about to witness an event that blew that all out of the water.
Now I didn’t quite get the magnitude of it at the time, but as soon as I got home I saw one of the twin towers in New York burning. That didn’t help my upset, and I went into the toilet crying. I came back down shortly after to find that the second tower had been hit. Obviously, that made me feel worse. My sister came to the house bearing gifts- a Grinch VHS and a new school bag with Weakest Link keyrings. But that still didn’t alter my mood, not after what I’d just seen unfold. The next day at school, that was the only topic of discussion, and it was for some time afterwards as the “war on terror” started.
Now we’re in 2016 and the impact of that day can still be felt from New York to Nanjing. What was a “normal” day before the attacks will never be experienced for many years to come, perhaps not even in our lifetimes. Bin Laden may be dead, but his legacy of destruction lives on in groups such as ISIS. It’s impossible to go on a website or open a newspaper without seeing at least one story about terrorism. I fear that one day we will be desentitised to future 9/11s in our own countries due to them becoming so routine.

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