I’ve spent most of the evening filing down some false nails to wear in the morning. They’re black, but I’ve painted some silver ankhs on them, rising up from the bed like a tree. It’s very rare I get in touch with my feminine side, but recently it’s started to come out a bit. The morning before I went off on holiday, I had a massive urge to wear eyeliner for the first time in going on ten years. I’m getting sick of my pasty white nails anyway, and I want to someday experiment with filing false nails down into patterns. I feel it very exploitable.

As I slowly chip away on the website, you may now notice there is a Yuniyu section under construction. I hope to make a basic guide to the language avaliable at first then adding more complicated things such as grammar later on. This is to enable people getting to grips from it from the start to master the basics then move onto more complicated things.

Such is the fun of conlanging and nail design.


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