The Royal Family of All Rekodenz

Presented for future reference.

The royal family are based in the southern part of Xotopane and claim to be exclusively of the Yamarro ethnic group. Those marrying non-Yamarros can be kicked out to this day, despite there being much evidence to suggest the halfblood-appearing Yamarros have as much human blood as the mixed people from north Xotopane and other major urban areas on the microcontinent. The family’s aversion to non-Yamarro elements is such that Emperor Parent Taiti’s great-great nuntie was expelled from the family for naming ses child Ixwe.

The Emperor’s role is mainly ceremonial, conferring titles of honour upon people and signing propositions passed by the Diet into law.

Here is the immediate royal family:

Emperor Parent Taiti, widow of Emperor Shakoh’s other parent Emperor Tika

Emperor Shakoh

Emperor Omi


Princus Mitika (second in line)

Princus Meshamo (third in line)

I shall edit this with spouses and issue of issue and other information as I continue working on it.


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