Many of my interests stem back to childhood. I recall being asked to run an errand at primary school which involved taking something to a class full of atlases. So I promptly sat down in the book corner and read the atlases. Cue teacher who sent me coming up twenty minutes later and giving me the third degree. Still didn’t sway my love of beautiful maps.

Another interest of mine, old computers and in particular old computer graphics, comes from a little later. I’d only just started secondary school and in the library there were a number of books from the early 80s with illustrations of computer graphics in them. I believe it was my interest in games which attracted me to them. The earliest games I had seen at that point were Donkey Kong (1981), Digdug and Pole Position (both 1982), all with extremely blocky graphics that fascinated me. So I tried to visualise how computer graphics looked in the 1970s going by this slim evidence. I would later learn that, until Pong, raster graphics were rarely used in favour of the vectors used by the earliest games such as Spacewar (1962, PDP-1). Installing a full computer in an arcade would be ungainly and cost-ineffective, hence we got a PCB and a CRT.

Maybe I should write about more of my interests. It’s interesting (no pun intended) to go back and found out how I got into them.



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