Eleven electric particles

With football season coming up here’s a themed word doodle.

Twenty-two electric particles orbit around a nucleus in white (or pink, or blue, or green). One half is in close orbit while the other is jealous. One of the particles takes the nucleus and zaps it past another.


In record time the losing half regroups and dominates the orbit. One of their star shockers puts the nucleus to great use.


Half time. The atmosphere is still and cold. Bovril and pies are the warming fare of the prolateriat. The managers give their praises and grumbles over oranges and sports drinks.

Second half. The atom explodes into life, every single particle fighting for dominance. The atmosphere heats up. One of the goodies gets the nucleus and sends it flying into row Z. Moans from the crowd. Two minutes later, the same. The game slows down to the coldness of half time until number seven takes the ball from heaven and scores to the delight of the capacity crowd.


Full time. The goodies win. The baddies are given a bollocking in the dressing room. Eighty percent of the crowd leaves happy to fish and chips or maybe a pint at the local. Oh sweet Saturdays.


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