What’s in a name?

Looking through any lower-league football team’s roster or a school register, you will notice a lot of double-barrelled names. The double-barrelled name has exploded in the last twenty years amongst we proles.


Well divorce and single parenthood are the chief causes, but there are still those in a delusion of upward mobility who give their children not only a double-barrelled name but an insufferable name such as Tarquin. Gender equality also plays a role- many couples now opt to give their children the surnames of both father and mother and some even go the whole hog on their wedding day and adopt the same double-barrelled name themselves. However, I have my doubts this is a major reason as there is an opinion amongst many men of the working class that “the husband is basically cutting his bollocks off by adopting his wife’s name”. I wouldn’t go that far, but there is still a stigma.

I personally believe that it has little to do with upward mobility and gender equality due to the eloquently-worded opinion above and the fact that the working class want little to do with the plastic toffs/posh chavs who name their children Claudius Taylor-Williams when daddy works behind the counter in McDonalds. But this ostracism is doing nothing to halt the flow and it looks like double-barrelled names in the working class are here to stay.


One thought on “What’s in a name?

  1. jemmyhope

    I know one or two young’uns with double barrelled names; always a sign of unmarried parents, usually in a longstanding relationship. Children of lone unmarried mothers tend to have just their mother’s name. My observation, not necessarily universal.
    I have two grandsons who have their mother’s name, not their father’s (my son). I feel that they have lost something by that decision. However they are being brought up by their mother and that was her choice.
    I like your description “we proles”.



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