Pokémon kills?

So I was sat in HSBC today listening to the morning show on the bank radio. The presenters were discussing Pokémon Go, which I and many others believe to be the best thing since sliced bre- no, too cliché and underwhelming- the wheel. They were namely discussing the millions and millions of downloads it had accumulated and then one of the presenters said “it won’t be long before the first Pokémon death“.

We’ve already had reports of broken bones and other maladies as a result of the game. You’d think the simple “keep your eye on real life and not the game” warning at startup would have helped but no, A&E departments are still stuffed with trainers too busy trying to catch that 1000CP Venusaur than remembering the Green Cross Code. When the Wii was released in 2006 there were reports of everything from cracked televisions to dislocated shoulders as a result of players being a little too eager with the then-revolutionary motion sensor technology. After the press brouhaha, injury reports died down, but that could have been due to Nintendo bundling a padded Wiimote sleeve as standard with future shipments. So maybe the injury reports will get players to pay more attention to the road, and Nintendo are set to bring out the “Pokémon Go Plus”, a Bluetooth device which enables one to play the game without even looking at their screen.

All in all I consider a Pokémon Go fatality unlikely, but bear in mind that the saviour- the Pokémon Go Plus- retails for £35. Nintendo should consider dropping the price for trainer safety. Besides, it’s already grossing like crazy.


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