First impressions of Pokémon Go

Well, Pokémon Go is finally out in the UK, and I of course downloaded it faster than you can say “Pika”.

First things first- you sign in with either a Pokémon Trainer Club or a Google account. Due to the maintenence going on in the PTC at the moment, I suggest a Google account. After this, Professor Willow (who makes the serious fashion faux pas of wearing running tights under cargo shorts) gives you an ample amount of Pokéballs and you catch your first Pokémon- either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. After this, you’re free to travel across the land searching far and wide.

This is where the disadvantages become glaring- the game does not play in the background, so you have to have it open at all times which can be a serious drain on battery with saver mode on OR off. Furthermore,there are currently some major server issues that can completely crash the game but I expect this to be fixed shortly along with the inability to collect items from Pokéstops (real world landmarks including churches, schools and parks). Finally, I am presently unable to review the gym function as it requires a minimum level of 5.

But these disadvantages are relatively minor. There are very few thrills above being able to catch Pokémon IN REAL LIFE. We all dreamed of it as kids and now it’s a reality. Catching Pokémon earns YOU experience this time around, and as mentioned above you can enter gyms at level 5. There are at least three gyms within a short distance of me, but I’m unsure of what team I should select. Instinct- oh yes I act on instinct. Mystic- goes well with my preferred MMORPG class. Valor- I’m a coward but I do like Moltres. In the meantime, I’m very much enjoying being able to transcend the boundary between our world and that of the Pokémon.

In conclusion, it’s looking good so far but I will have to spend more time with it for a more thorough review.

Gotta catch ’em all!


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