Today I went in for a tattoo.

It has been three years since my last one, and in that time I’ve lost some weight, so it felt a lot more uncomfortable this time around. In fact, I screamed during the first bit of linework. Fortunately the adrenaline kicked in and by the end of the linework I barely felt a thing. But then came the shading, which is done using a different needle. It felt like fifty needles were poking me at once but I was kept from screaming once more due to said adrenaline rush.

Presenting the finished product:


The stag is the emblem of the Scottish Clan Forbes, which my grandmother belongs to, while the arrow represents Clan Fletcher. The ogham on the arrow reads “M.A.L”- Mac an Leister, the Scots Gaelic name for Clan Fletcher. Ogham is unique as it bears more of a resemblance to tally marks than other alphabetic scripts, and it actually influenced my Rekodenz script to an extent.

Thanks to the guys at Feel the Steel for this cool ink! I will be back and I promise not to scream!


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