A word doodle and some comments on the Euro final

First the word doodle:

Fuck the pigs.
Me, I fuck the magic queues which poke plenty of fish. I also fuck the grandmother’s warm left knee, large and twitching quick.
The white rage is laughing at marks, wrangling the men, women and others of the king. Why are they so prudish? Their enemies are hung by the scruff of their necks for not professing their ideas. And so it shall be forever.
Thank you all.

Now let’s discuss the football.

I only caught the match proper from the 70th minute or so. Trust me it was boring. France had a fantastic chance ten minutes from time but that was all. There was also plenty of blatant diving from the Portuguese that went unpunished (as usual) and they lost Ronaldo eight minutes in with a “leg injury” but there he was standing on the touchline cheering his countrymen on. Draw your own conclusions.

I would have much preferred it if France won. But you can’t always get what you want.


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