The brain never stops

One of the fantastic things about the brain is it just keeps going and going. Even when we sleep it’s still wide awake going on its own business. Sometimes dreams conjure up things many people struggle with when awake.

Like for example, today I had a nap. I dreamed up a whole new character. While I forget most of his name, his middle name was Allerdice. Allerdice (or Allardyce) is a Scottish lowland clan with traditional lands in Kincardinshire, while he hailed from the nearby Aberdeen area. When he was three years old, he was diagnosed with cancer and beat it, going on to ski at the Olympics. Not only did the dream create a character with a name, but an interesting backstory and an appearance- thin, blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes. A far cry from the most famous member of Clan Allardyce then.


One thought on “The brain never stops

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