The First Xotopanian War

The First Xotopanian War took place in 70AC after the League of Rekodenz took over the Diet (then serving only the emerging village of Xotopane) in a bloody coup.

The League was a radical organisation protesting “human occupation” and what they believed to be the genocide of full-blooded Rekodenzians through assimilation. This was despite efforts from both human and Rekodenzian camps to maintain the indigenous culture and to make sure there was no violence between them.

Human, fullblood and halfblood survivors of the Diet massacre led by George Xazaa mobilised those Peacemakers unwilling to fight under the League and battled the League’s Revolutionary Army in what is now (25,000AC) Central City. At this time, it was a small field outside the town borders. However, the fighting spilled out into the town and much of it was destroyed. The League believed themselves to be victorious when they killed Xazaa, but ses second-in-command  Aamare Nelson took over and led the Opposition to a comfortable win.

Despite the Opposition victory and restoration of an open Diet, the League’s legacy remained in several parties purporting to be promoting “indigenous Rekodenzian rights” but instead spreading extremism and bigotry. The most recent and successful of these are the Unification Party, who have managed to acquire the entire Scrublands area through what commentators believe to be fear and threat.



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