And England backs Brexit

It’s a funny old game, isn’t it?

England lose to ICELAND of all people and Woy resigns.

It was coming anyway. What on earth was his insistence on fielding the incompetent Raheem Sterling before the man who almost singlehandedly won Leicester the Premier League, Jamie Vardy about? Is it because Sterling is younger and was tipped as “the next big thing” several years ago? Every single armchair and travelling fan would have put Vardy out there. Might as well hire Fred Bloggs of Dewsbury who got Accrington Stanley into the Prem on Football Manager because the armchair fans know what Hodgson is doing wrong.

Now the only home nation left is Wales. This kind of makes me embarrassed considering that despite some fantastic players they were underdogs for the majority of their existence. England are supposed to be the dominant ones but lose to possibly THE underdog.

A funny old game indeed.


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