Some late thoughts on Pokémon Go

So E3 has come and gone and with it some major Pokémon news.

The item I want to discuss is Pokémon Go, the new augmented reality game for smartphones. Like Miitomo, it’s completely free, but there is an optional Bluetooth-enabled “Pokémon Go Plus” accessory which allows you to catch Pokémon without opening your phone. Unfortunately it retails for £34.99 and the same in dollars. It’s just a piece of plastic usable in one smartphone game! I have seen Bluetooth accessories in shops for one measly pound!

Onto the game itself. The object, of course, is to “catch ’em all”. There are over 100 Pokémon avaliable for capture in the game, and what types appear depend on your real world location. So if you’re at the beach, you will find water Pokémon. While this in itself is a novel concept, many players live in areas where there is little geographical diversity. Some don’t even live near museums or monuments where “Pokéstops” (the equivalent of Pokémarts) are located.

Of course, I am waiting for the final product to be released before I formulate a full opinion. What I’ve seen of it is very good, but the limited world of most players might prove to be its downfall.


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