Jesus didn’t die on a light-up cross

There’s a market stall which sells little trinkets, mostly of a Christian nature. They have rosaries, necklaces, icons- but what really caught my eye was a light-up crucifix.

And I thought “what would Jesus think”?

Sometimes I think the Mormons have a point in their resistance to using the cross as a symbol- if Jesus was to return tomorrow, what would he think of people walking round wearing the thing he died on? He would probably think it to be trivialising his death, especially when they light up. Or come in 24 karat gold. Or are worn with some very “unchristian” outfits. I have seen Christians get offended- and understandably so- at cross “tramp stamp” tattoos due to their proximity to the rear end. So why do these same people hoard such tacky, cheaply-made crosses?

Believe me, Jesus wouldn’t like that either.


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