Pokémon thoughts

To be honest, I’m a little underwhelmed at the latest Pokémon Sun/Moon reveal. While I accept that it runs on the same hardware as X/Y and thus major technological advances cannot take place, it looks to be a near clone of the Generation 6 titles, just set on not-Hawaii.

Now for the setting. The real-world Hawaii has only one major city in Honolulu (or as the anti-Obama brigade likes to call it, Mombasa). I am very used to the vastness of Lumiose in XY, which is based on Paris. The Paris urban area is 1,098 sq. mi. whereas Oahu Island only has an area of 597 sq. mi.. To make the central city of Alola bigger than Lumiose would require some artistic licence. While I believe that some artistic licence on geography, as has happened in previous games, can be good, there is no way in my mind that Alola’s hub can be bigger than Lumiose. I think the lack of major cities may be a good thing in the end, but I’m reserving judgment for now.

There is something that caught my eye though. The Pokédex.

The Pokédex is now a Rotom!


Get your Rotom running! (Picture: Nintendo/TPCi)

This promises a “whole new way for people and Pokémon to communicate”, and I think this will be the selling point. There has already been a taster of the new Rotomdex’s capabilities- it will have a QR scanner that enables you to register Pokémon, allowing you to view their habitats. This is the logical extension of an app released for the 3DS several years ago, where one could scan a QR code and get a full Pokédex entry.

However, as I said at the beginning, I have a feeling Generation 7 will not deliver the goods and be a rehash of Generation 6. We were begging for the franchise to be put down after Generation 4 flopped, and I can see this all over again. For the love of Arceus please, Nintendo/Game Freak/TPCi, don’t screw this up.


One thought on “Pokémon thoughts

  1. Jake Stewart

    Since I’ve grown up and witnessed every generation of Pokemon, I have very low expectations when it comes to innovation in the new releases. I expect more of the same from Pokemon gameplay and typically can look forward to one or two changes mechanically. The franchise is very much a “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” type, and so far their success speaks for itself.

    Now, when they jump onto console with a Pokemon game and go full 3D, I’ll have some expectations. But for the time being, I’m content with more of the same.



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