Minority of one

Every human is unique, physically and mentally.

As our fingerprints are differnt, our minds are different.Some of us may be liberal, others conservative. Others still may have opinions on both sides of the fence that are simply unacceptable to the vast majority.

And we should not bully them into changing their opinions. Instead, we should approach them with love.

I have noticed that there is a gulf developing between the left and the right. Both sides are delving into opinions that I- as well as most others- find offensive. Namely that certain people should be denied basic human rights because of the colour of their skin, their sexuality, or gender- unselectable characteristics all. And that people on both sides are becoming increasingly violent against their polar opposites. Just look at the fights breaking out at Donald Trump rallies. It is my fear that people will be killed due to this gulf, and not just at Trump rallies.

Returning to my first words, every human is unique. And no human can choose their colour, sexuality or gender.

So stop hating and start loving. It’ll do the world a favour.


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