Windows 10 2: Forced Update Boogaloo

So I’ve written in the past about how Microsoft is desperately wanting you to update your Windows 7 to 10.

However as this article illustrates, the strong encouragement has turned into outright force. While a small minority of Win 7 machines were forcibly “updated”, it will now become the norm for every Windows user. Your computer now sets a date and time for the update and it’s easy to miss the small print telling you to reschedule.

Note the wording- not “cancel”, reschedule.

As far as I am aware it is virtually impossible to cancel a “recommended update”. You could try setting the update to some ridiculous time in the far future, but I haven’t tried that and I’m sure Microsoft will eventually cotton onto people doing it.

I have Windows 10 because it came as standard on my new laptop. I much prefer Windows 7, and these forced updates are not going to improve the new OS’s image.


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