So today I tried popcorn Tic Tacs. Yes, they have popcorn flavoured Tic Tacs now. And let me tell you, they are delicious, tasting just like the real thing if not stronger. It makes me wonder how many combinations of flavourings they have to try before they settle on the closest approximation to popcorn. I’d love to be a sweet taster, but I’m working on LOSING weight.

On the subject of flavours, the goto for the “strawberry” flavour tastes little like strawberry. Same with “banana” flavour. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but the prototypes must have been so much further away from the intended flavour. I can just imagine them working on it:

Prima: Secunda, I’d like you to test our new strawberry flavour!

(Secunda tries it)

Secunda: Prima, this tastes like BURNT RUBBER! We can’t just trot this out and say “Oh look, this is STRAWBERRY!”

Prima: We’ll add a couple of sweeteners to it. And for colouring the resulting products, we’ll use our new bright pink, made out of beetles and cow blood!

(Secunda gags)

I can symphasise with Secunda at the end. Some food colourings are made from bugs. Obviously they don’t TASTE like bug, but the general ick factor is still there. Fortunately, many manufacturers are moving to creepy crawly-free alternatives as technology marches on.


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