Hillary’s America…

Hillary’s America will be a carbon copy of Cameron’s Britain but on a MUCH larger scale. The poor will get poorer, the rich will get richer. Benefits will be cut to line the litter trays of the Wall Street fat cats. The disabled and dying will be forced to work to provide for themselves.

So why haven’t the Democrats realised what a grave error they would be making if they elected Hillary to be their nominee? Bernie has it all figured out with a policy that benefits the PEOPLE and not WALL STREET. Free healthcare. No tax breaks for the rich. And Hillary’s America may not even happen because even Donald Trump would be more appealing to those barely managing to make a living.

Bernie Sanders kills two birds with one stone and the Democrats are willing to risk throwing the election to Trump because they want Hillary so badly. And America is supposedly the “land of the free”. Surely that must include freedom to choose a candidate who isn’t named Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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