The Trump effect

The threat of a Donald Trump presidency is very real with promises too big for him to break.

And instead of worrying, people have been mocking him.

This is an accepted coping mechanism as well as a psychological tactic. Famous Jewish comedian Mel Brooks often takes jabs at Hitler in a bid to make him nothing but a joke. This is what’s happening here. Trump still got the majority of Republican primary votes before Cruz and Kasich dropped out but if this mockery keeps up until November we won’t be seeing him in the White House.

Make America Bern again!


One thought on “The Trump effect

  1. Invisible Mikey

    I think we can, and should do both. We can deconstruct Trump’s nonsense rhetoric, but we also need to mock it. His world view needs to be repudiated from as many directions as possible at once, both serious and silly. BTW, I hope you’ve seen that great billboard of Trump kissing Putin. It’s as good as the naked “micropenis” painting.



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