Make United Great Again

Football is a draining exercise, especially if you follow Sheffield United.

You spend the whole of the offseason speculating over the new faces and changes to be made only to be disappointed when the season inevitably crashes and burns. This season was a particularly brutal example: enter Nigel Adkins. Enter the man who took Southampton from League One all the way to the top half of the Premier League in three seasons. Fans were hoping he’d do it again with us. Losing 4-0 on the first day of the season, that was just an off day, wasn’t it?


Adkins did nothing to plug the holes in our defence. He fell out with our wonderkid Che Adams early on, exiling who could have been the league’s top scorer to a disappointing season. We didn’t even make the playoffs this time round. The result would be satisfactory for a lesser club, but not Sheffield United, who were in the Premier League just ten years ago.

Maybe I should get into the business of making “Make United Great Again” hats.


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