Sun/Moon starter reveal thoughts

As many of you know, I am an enormous Pokémon fan. Have been since Red and Blue were first released in 1999 here in the UK. So obviously I was anticipating the video announcement that Nintendo were putting out today.

What can I say apart from I have absolutely fallen in love with Rowlet? This despite being a Sheffield United supporter and somebody who strongly prefers fire starters. Se is sooooo cute! The other two starters seem disappointing to me. I would have preferred them all to be dual type.

Furthermore, I really hope this isn’t the hub of the game. The Alola region appears to be based on Hawaii so it is likely there are far more islands to explore, but I’m used to big cities. Here’s hoping Honolulu has an analogue.

However, it’s too early for concrete judgement and however it turns out, as someone who just has to play ’em all I know what I’m getting for Christmas.


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