Always vruner on the other side?

The world is coming to an end, I thought. The world is coming to an end.

I sacrificed myself to the gods of sanity and woke up in the last bastion of safety. Not fluffy clouds as far as the eye can see, but castles and pillars in colours that do not exist on earth. No angels singing grating Latin hymns or twanging harps but a bustle quiet at its loudest.

As soon as I got there I came across the per who they called the Sky President, a raceless, genderless and formless being. Ses presence enveloped my very spirit, resulting in a feeling that vanished on earth with the fall of man. I could hear sem whispering

“The Grand Concept shall come soon to lead the world to victory.”

I woke up, dagger on my chest and sweat on my face. I had fainted before I could cause any damage. But apocalyptic thoughts still cloud my mind to this day.

There is no sanity in a darkening world.


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