Toilet graffiti

I don’t like using public toilets for a number of reasons. However, if an uncontrollable need rises I will. Often, I find myself reading the graffiti on the walls during my constitutional. Apart from the usual “for free sex call…”, “Jane Smith sucks cock for Subway” and “John loves Jenny 4 life” in a heart there are often some gems.

While not wholly unexpected given the politicial climate, I was surprised to see “Fuck ISIS” daubed in turquoise marker in the WC at the Waingate Wilkinsons today. As well as “(name forgotten) loves Elvis 4 ever” in the handwriting of an adolescent girl. These two, as well as the picture collection The Curious Mr. Sottsass by the eponimous Italian designer Ettore which I picked up at the doctors’ office for 50p, inspire me to create a new project.

I shall document toilet graffiti from all places and write poetry and prose based on them. Like many of my ideas though, I see it going down the crapper after the individual spark.

Edit: 50th entry! Couldn’t be a more fitting subject matter.


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