Review: Co-op Dr. Pop Zero

Decided to do some reviews, especially pertaining to food and drink. Please consider donating to my Patreon if you want to see more, I really appreciate the little extra.
As a lifelong Dr. Pepper fan I am always keen to try off-brand “Doctor” drinks. Some are just watery cherry cola while others are pretty close approximations of the real thing. The Co-op, like many other UK supermarkets, has their own-brand “Dr. Pop”. At the moment, many Co-ops are selling the Zero variant four for a pound, so I had to check it out.
So how was it? It definitely falls into category 2 with a very similar taste to Dr. Pepper Zero. However, it is smoother, thicker and fruitier- I detect a distinct citrusy tang in the blend when it hits the back of my throat- yet something is missing. This is understandable as the official Dr. Pepper formula is kept secret and all others have to try and approximate it.
So in conclusion, it lacks the magic of Dr. Pepper. However, it’s a solid substitute at a decent price and I highly recommend it.


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